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by Anne McCaslin on November 8, 2013

Hey friends!

Happy Friday!!

Oh my gosh… the past few weeks have been so crazy. My head is totally spinning in a million different directions. Where should we start?

When I last left you… I went to Dallas to visit my best friends! It was a quick 18 hour trip but worth every single second of it. I miss them SO much and it was right back where we started at graduation… except we are all old and paying bills or in grad school… Yuck?! I would give anything to live with them again.

The only place I didn’t get to go was my favorite Zoe’s…. Next time ;) I have been craving a chocolate chip cookie like no other from here.

I got home and didn’t have time to be too sad! P came in town with our new baby puppy Douille (more later in this post).

It was an amazing week. We celebrated our 9th anniversary together which was a BLAST! I worked the early morning shift so we could spend the whole day together.

Originally we had planned to go out for a nice lunch, do a wine tour and then come home to cook dinner.

Well needless to say– one too many glasses of wine later, we walked across the street and ate at La Diosa, a Spanish tapas restaurant , with the owner and her husband. We met them at our wine tasting and had a blast! It was a really fun night but we are not going to talk about how we were feeling the next day.

P stayed for a little over a week which was such a treat. He cooked so much for me and stocked my freezer full with fresh seafood and deer sausage. He is THE BEST!! He had several phone interviews and helped me settle in with the new puppy and Laya to try and get in a routine…

Well that only lasted like 3 days. If you follow me on Instagram- you know Douille has been really sick. DouilleΒ  (pronounced: Dewey) all of a sudden started having muscle spasm seizures. Which ended up to an ER visit last Friday night at midnight. We thought it was her liver and I just knew I was going to lose her. Hence– I was a complete emotional basket case.

One of my very best friends, Mary Kathryn, came in town from Dallas on Saturday and helped me ALL weekend. What a blessing she was already coming! I wouldn’t have made it through that 24 hours without her. She’s the BEST!! I rode back to Dallas with her on Sunday and P picked up the baby to go back to Mississippi to go to MSU… one of the best vet schools in the country.

This was the day she left me :( She was really cold because her immune system was all out of wack… hence the sweater that P just LOVES ;)

Douille had a bunch of tests run on Monday and she is doing much, much better. Without grossing you guys out and going into too much detail— she is being treated and we are just holding our breath the doctors figured out what was wrong with her.

Miss this guy more than words can say and very thankful to have him! Speaking of P… I can finally say he has some stuff cooking in the medical sales world and I couldn’t be prouder of him. YAY for his new job AND thank you God for blessing me with him… Otherwise… If you know me- I would be a walking psycho emotional wreck without him.

Meanwhile.. my other baby Laya has a sprained shoulder which is so pitiful. She has an insane amount of energy as an 8 month lab mix –and her not being able to exercise is testing our relationship… she wants to kill me and vice versa… so needless to say I am MORE than ready for this leg to get better. And I really miss our little playtime and walks :(

Speaking of exercise… my routine was thrown off for like 2 weeks and I am desperately trying to get back into it. I just feel exhausted and totally anxious about everything and I know it’s because my endorphins haven’t been flowing. But so far this week I have gone to 2 barre classes and a Total Body Extreme class… and I am hoping nothing else comes up so I can get back into the swing of things!

As far as meals have gone this week…

Breakfast: Whatever.. Usually toast with bananas + PB or AB + Chia Seeds and Honey

Lunch: Turkey sandwiches, Eggs, Yogurt Bowls… Again… whatever!

Snacks: Greek Yogurt Bars (my new addiction!!), Hummus and carrots, PB + Celery

Dinner: I made some shrimp from the stash P brought me with the deer sausage + brussle sprouts and new potatoes! A yummy, easy meal that I have been eating for 3 nights and I am not sick of it yet!

This month is sure to be crazy at work.. so I am not sure how much I will be around but I promise it will be more than it has been lately.

Something to leave you with…

See you guys super soon! Have a fabulous weekend!!

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Paula Tauzin November 13, 2013 at 10:11 pm

hello dear dear girl….i’ve missed your blog. I hope your puppy gets better…
P is a dream. But your just precious.. Glad you are ok.

paula tauzin
your folks friend..who loves keeping up with you


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