wiaw: {pumpkin banana bread}

by Anne McCaslin on October 16, 2013

Hi friends!

So…. I had the stomach bug AGAIN yesterday… I guess the 24 hour stomach flu is going around like crazy here. Yuck so not fun, especially twice in one moth. So… another day in the books for me of saltines and gingerale.

But you obviously don’t want to see that… so I am sharing with you a little Sunday morning creation I adapted from several recipes via Pinterest.

And it goes along with the What I Ate Wednesday theme for today. You could eat this for breakfast…snack… dessert… you pick!

Hope you love it!

Warning: Your kitchen is going to smell FANTASTIC… just like Fall! And watch out for furry wet noses.

{And if you are watching your calories, etc…. I’m not but I looked it up for those of you who are!… The whole loaf is only about 1600 calories… so like 150-250 calories a slice… depending on how thick you like it… not too shabby, right?!?}

I forgot to ADD: Bake at 350 for 40-60 minutes… depending on your oven!!

Happy Wednesday!

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Jordan S October 24, 2013 at 4:59 pm

this looks SO yummy!! i know what I’m baking this weekend :)


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